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Dahlia Sculpture 5 front.jpg

My Fragmented Torsos are a metaphor depicting the narrative of how women were expected to conduct themselves in postmodern society

The Artist

As a visual artist, Janice designs and sculpts her forms from conception to completion. In these works, she has focused on elements that are visually appealing and thought-provoking. Her work exists for itself, as a social commentary on how women are portrayed in post-modern society.

Although there have been improvements in the workplace due to the implementation of equal opportunity provisions allowed for the progression of women acquiring various management positions in growing numbers, gender stereotypes still exist.

Since art is a powerful mechanism for change, Janice wants to involve viewers in the artistic process. She achieves this by allowing viewers to complete the fragmented figures in their minds.

Janice with work_edited.jpg
Dahlia Sculpture 18 front.jpg

My Inspiration

The oxidation of the rust is metaphorical of how women were deprived and left to erode over time because they were not able to be active in roles that they strived for in life. The things they wanted in life were left inactive, leaving them feeling fragmented and no one would polish them. How women were treated by their unequal access to learning was immoral and unjustifiable. As women have evolved, we are chipping away the rust and not allowing ourselves to be limited.

Although rust can be viewed as deteriorating and unattractive, there is beauty in rust, and I enjoy the way the light bounces off the various layers of the rich rustic textures and brings my sculptures to life. The beauty in my fragmented sculptures is that they allow viewers to have their own interpretation of how they view a woman by completing the sculptures with their own minds. As my work evolves, my application will change, I will develop new techniques and the purpose of making the work and expanding my creativity will advance.

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